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Green Car Service is an eco-friendly transportation company located in California. Our transportation service differentiates itself from competitors because of our desire to promote awareness for the environment by driving vehicles that operate with an alternate fuel source.

Whether you need a ride for your group or you just have a lot of luggage going to the airport, our spacious Flex-Fuel vans will make sure you get there comfortably and promptly. FlexFuel or ethanol is an organic plant-based fuel made from renewable and sustainable energy sources produced by domestic farmers such as corn and other organic materials.

Let us pick you up in a luxury new 2011 Toyota Camry or Prius hybrid. Not only will you ride in comfort but the money we save on gas, using our eco-friendly vehicles, will leave more money in your pocket.

Green Car Service is an Owner Operated Company.
We Are Santa Monica #1 Green Car Service.

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